The first and only, genuinely exotic, savory, bold, and extremely smooth Horseradish Infused Vodka

If you’re ready for a truly unique experience, try our 100% natural, family-created Referent Horseradish Vodka. This splendid spirit is distilled in small batches and infused by our friends at 45th Parallel Distillery in New Richmond, WI. We carefully monitor and taste every batch to ensure that every drop of Referent Horseradish Vodka is up to the highest standard of quality and flavor. Learn more about Referent Vodka and the history of Referent Vodka.

“Equally breathtaking REFERENT HORSERADISH VODKA, an all-natural, small batch spirit infused with Wisconsin-grown horseradish. Its tight knit, sinus clearing aromas are completely enthralling. The vodka bathes the palate with waves of vegetal flavor and heat, which while hitting the upper registers, doesn’t scald or glow incandescent. Handmades at a family owned distillery in New Richmond, Referent is a bona fide treat from start to finish.”

-ROBERT PLOTKIN is a judge at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition and writer for Wine Enthusiast magazine

Referent Horseradish Vodka

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